Frequently Asked Questions That Really Haven’t Been Asked By Anyone Yet at The Time of Posting But  I’ll Just Ask and Answer It Anyway Because I Know Someone’s Gonna Ask Eventually:

1. Your Blog is Really Funny. Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

I’m not being funny seriously, and everything I write down here really happened and reflects my state of mind at the time of the event.

2. Who Are You Really?

Sorry I can’t say.

3. Why Are You Hiding Your Identity?

Read #1 then tell me why I would keep my identity.

4. I Still Don’t Get Why. Why?

Read #1. Just imagine my boss, my cousin, my uncle, and everyone else I’m referring to here knowing that it was me who wrote this. What do you think they would do?

5. I Really Don’t Get It. What Would They Do?

Fuck you motherfucking imbecile! I’m done talking to you.

6. Why Are You So Angry?

I don’t know. I just am. Maybe it’s because I can’t express my anger normally in person. Believe me, I’m very benign, all smiley and nice in person.

7. So You’re a Fake Person Right?

Fuck you. Not because I get angry means I’m fake. Just imagine if I actually told those people what I wrote about them here. I’m just sparing myself from the pain and regret of doing something stupid because of my anger. I know how destructive I can be when I’m angry.

8. Do You Really Have to Cuss(Use Bad Words) So Much?

Who are you, the fucking Pope?! I’m angry. Would you prefer it if I just punched you in the face and then walked away without saying anything?

9. Why Are You Blogging Instead of Doing Therapy?

Because it’s fucking cheaper, easier, and I hold my own schedule. Anger management therapy is just a sexed-up means of releasing anger. That’s just my opinion though, no offense to anyone.

10. Can I Ask You Something Else?

Sure you can!Just email me at the email address I’ve provided at the home page, or you can also make comments here.

I Hope You’re Happy Now Motherfucker.

  1. AwesomeAim says:

    RAWR Where is the fucking “Like” button on this page? I’m totally with you that 1) revealing your/a blog to family can be disastrous, and 2) happy smiley agreeable people normally have an alter ego that’s angry/sad/pessimistic. However I’ll point out that research reveals that if you swear too much, the swearing’s not going to achieve the desired effect–just like if you take too much drugs ALL THE TIME, you’re not going to get as high as if you took drugs occasionally. Something like that. Ah, fuck.

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