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I recently watched Ninja on netflix. I was initially looking for an action movie involving martial arts and sword fights and I thought maybe Ninja Assassin might be nice so I did a search. Unfortunately, Ninja Assassin wasn’t available for streaming, and I didn’t have the dvd option so too bad. Anyways, I was looking at the related movies and found Ninja, with a really cool-looking poster. So, I went on and clicked to watch it.

I was in for a huge surprise…

I should have known that it would suck the moment I saw the opening in a dojo and the low-quality of the video despite the fact that it was just released last year or so, but since it had a really good poster, I thought maybe I should just keep watching.

To my eternal shame, I finished watching it, because I held on to the idea that maybe it will turn out to be nice eventually.

There were so many things wrong with that movie that I should really have stopped. Whoever funded that movie regretted spending money on it for sure. It was the lousiest movie I have ever seen in my life. Here’s a piece of advice:


If you haven’t noticed, I didn’t use any cuss or swear words. I’m just doing a little experiment right now but fear not, we’ll go back to the F’s, the MF’s, and the S’s that you love so much soon okay?

Until then, keep J-ing off M-effer!

Yesterday I did something that I very rarely do: I burst out in my anger and told my coworker to shut the fuck up. Yes, I yelled at her to fucking shut up, in front of the patients. It was liberating really. Why am I not fired? Simple: The douche bag I’m working for is my stingy aunt’s husband. Yes, I work with my family. It normally sucks as you can tell, but sometimes it really has its perks. I can tell a cock-sucking bitch to shut the fuck up in front of everyone and just get a little talk with the bosses. I mean I got reprimanded, but it was so worth it.

I know it’s not really in this blog’s style, but today is a day of fucking days. I guess she got upset and decided to actually shut up. Seriously, she gave all the paperwork to me and didn’t help me out one bit. I got lightly yelled at by the higher ups. I got a bit more tired than I should be, but the thing is I was fucking stress-free!

Imagine every single day of your working life having someone telling you that you’re doing it the fucking wrong or lazy way. Imagine someone telling you that she could fucking do what you do much faster than you. Imagine someone telling you how better they are than you all day. Got a picture?

Now imagine all that happening at least six hours a day every weekday for nine months and that you endure all of it quietly. You don’t react, you don’t complain. You just sit there and pretend that you don’t hear a thing, that you don’t feel anything. Now imagine all that anger bottled up going out in one loud burst of “shut up!” and the the next day nobody talks to you anymore. Isn’t it liberating? I feel so fucking good!

This is my message to you little gourdita if you ever get to read this in your lifetime:


I feel so happy. I hope she doesn’t change her mind and go back to talking. I just love the silent treatment so please keep it coming!