I Hate That I Need To Act Nice To You All When All I Really Wanna Do Is Rip Your Throat Out

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Angry At My Fucking Family

I fucking hate my uncle. In fact, I fucking hate most of my dad’s siblings and their spouses. They all fucking think I’m neglecting my father. What else do you want me to do? I fucking feed him even when he can feed himself. I let him use his walker even if he can walk without it. I chop his food up in little pieces even if he can do it himself. And the worst part is, I do it just because you motherfuckers told me to do it. And then you fucking tell me that I’m being an enabler?!

I manage his medications. I check his blood pressure. I make him do exercises daily. I hang out with him and watch movies with him every fucking day after work even if my head hurts and you tell me I’m not spending enough time with him? Why don’t you motherfuckers let him play your game with you then?! Why is he sitting in the corner watching you guys play mahjong when you all know he wants to play too?!

Look at you motherfuckers in your high fucking horses. I fucking hate every single one of you. Fuck you all. If I was evil I’ll call the cops on you motherfuckers for gambling.


  1. Johnboy says:

    It’s amazing how all of us have the same problems with family – yet deep down we love them, even if they sometimes drive us up a wall!

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