If You’re Gonna Talk To Make Text Message, Why Don’t You Just Call?!

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Random Senseless Anger
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I was looking through Facebook a few minutes ago when I saw a very interesting post from my cousin saying:

“the fact that I can have my phone text for me as I talk to it is really gonna make me lazy.”

My fucking head just got blown off. She was using speech-to-text, which for the benefit of total imbeciles out there who don’t understand the obvious meaning of speech-to-text, means that the stuff you say will automatically be typed into the thing. If you still don’t understand that please just go jack off somewhere because you don’t deserve to have a brain.

Okay, back to the topic.

Let me get this straight:

So you’re gonna speak. Then the words you spoke would be made into text. And then, the text will be sent as a text message right?

Isn’t that like uhm…wait…A FUCKING WASTE OF FUCKING TIME!

If you’re gonna fucking talk and then send it as a text message, why don’t you just fucking call?!

Too lazy to dial numbers? Use some freaking speed dialing or voice dialing or something!

Something is really wrong with this damn world…Useless apps making humans more useless than they already are…

  1. scribbla says:

    Bwaahahahaha! Bwaaaaahahahahaha! Say no more.

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