If You Can’t Do Such A Simple Job, Then For What Good Are You?

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Angry At My Fucking Work

I’m the guy whose job is to call in clients and conduct a short interview for our boss to evaluate. Now before I am able to do that, there’s a person who fills out the a paper with the client’s name, date of birth and SS number. She also is the one in charge of collecting payments. There’s just three of us in that one section of the office, and the other person’s job does not involve interacting with us so it’s just really me and our dear office receptionist/cashier who really loves making my life miserable. This is  the story of how she made this day very special again.

This morning, I let a client walk in. This particular client prefers to talk to me instead of going through our wonderful receptionist. Why? Ask him not me. Anyways, the bitch told me that since I let him walk in, maybe I should be the one preparing his file. Preparing the file wasn’t particularly difficult, but I had other fucking things to do and it’s not my fucking job! Besides, she used to do my job so she of all people should understand how busy I am. What I should have done was shove the damn file into her fucking mouth and made her swallow the the damn thing whole!But what did the nice guy that I was do? I just smiled, shut up, and did it myself. Here’s what I really wanted to tell her though:

Dude, It’s your fucking job to write the fucking client’s name on the fucking file, collect the god damn fifteen dollars, and fucking make a receipt! You fucking get paid more than I do, and yet your fucking excuse for not doing your god damn job is that I let the motherfucker in without an appointment?! For what good are you if you can’t fucking just write a name, collect some money, and write a god damn receipt?! And you get payed ten bucks and I get payed seven?!

This world is just too fucking unfair. Just because I’m playing nice doesn’t mean they can fucking treat me like this! Just because I can’t express my anger doesn’t mean I can’t be fucking angry. Seriously, I deserve some god damn respect.

You motherfuckers out there, you better learn to treat nice people right. Not because we’re fucking smiling and calm doesn’t mean we don’t get fucking upset if you’re being such a jackass. If you feel like being a jackass, here’s something for you:


okay i’ll admit I borrowed that from Tupac’s Hit em Up. Still, Fuck You Motherfucker.


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