My Life Is Just Too Fucked Up

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Angry At The Fucking World
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I can’t believe I have something to get angry for again. My girlfriend just doesn’t get the fact that I’m just eating up all this shit here because I want them to have a better life over there. Just a while ago, she told me that she was considering to leave our daughter and work overseas too. Then what the fuck is she good for if she’s also going to leave our daughter behind?! I fucking expected her and told her over and over that all she needed to do was be a good mother to our daughter!

Every single day I fucking play nice and I work hard and pretend that I’m perfectly fine just so they can have a shot at a better life over there and then this?! It’s a fucking slap in my face and it’s totally uncalled for!

Seriously now…

She never fucking apologized to me sincerely. She never gave me anything that she worked for. She never respected the fact that I was the man. She kept making me feel like I was unimportant. My God I must be a freaking masochist having endured all that for almost six years!

The worst part of all this is that despite all the pain that I’m feeling right now, I still love her and I’m still hoping she’ll apologize and tell me what I want to hear. But I guess if those past six years she never did, I guess she never fucking will.

You know what my problem really is?

It’s that the people who are supposed to be loving me don’t seem to get it right! My mom “outsources” her parenting. My dad’s actions are making the rest of the clan think that I’m neglecting him. The rest of the family’s administration are a bunch of tyrants who don’t know what they really want. My coworker is such a perfect bitch. And now, my girlfriend is being a total ingrate.

Maybe I should just kill myself?! Maybe I should just end all this before it all get worse because seriously, my life is just so full of shit.

If my primary blog readers knew I was the one writing this, I’d surely lose all my credibility but what the fuck?! I’m also just fucking human.

I wish everyone would just treat me like I was a real human being. Just because I keep smiling and being all nice and understanding doesn’t mean that they can make me eat their shit every single fucking time.

This is dedicated to all the people I’m referring to in this post:


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