I’m Happy To Not See My Cousin For A Few Days

Posted: July 7, 2011 in Angry At My Fucking Family
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I fucking hate the cousin I’m living with. If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about her, she’s the type who would point out somebody else’s imperfections just to cover her own ass. She’s the fucking bitch responsible for having my internet connection being cut a few times before because though I give her my share of the bills in perfect timing, she uses up the money for herself and neglects to pay the damn bills. On top of that, she keeps talking shit about me behind my back. Hell she talks shit about everyone behind their backs so here I am, talking shit about her to the whole world behind her back.

At one point, I planned to get some laxatives and mix it with the gallon of milk that she loves drinking and see how bad of a diarrhea she’ll get. She’s lucky her dad never took a vacation because I would hate to do collateral damage. I mean her dad’s a self-worshiping douche too, but he at least feeds me and houses me so I can just let the bastard go. But her, oh I fucking loathe her existence!

Why don’t I just confront her? Well that’s what everyone else tells me. That I should just confront her and talk to her instead of just letting her get away with her shit. Unfortunately, I’m not an ingrate and I acknowledge the fact that her parents are letting me stay at their place at a discount price so I just keep quiet and play the good sheep, which my very wonderful alter-ego is and I also hate every part of him. He’s just too fucking nice.

She’s out of town right now and rumor has it that she’s meeting up with a guy there. Well I feel bad for the damn guy. I mean my cousin is kinda hot, but she’s one of the biggest bitches I have ever known and I feel bad for any guy who would be stupid enough to marry her like her ex-husband.

Yes, she had a husband. She keeps saying that they divorced because he cheated on her, but everyone else tells me that she was the one who messed around, even bringing a guy to their bedroom and fucked right there. She’s a selfish bitch, period.

Wherever you are right now on your vacation my dear cousin, I wish you knew that I FUCKING HATE YOUR GUTS!

  1. erin says:

    I have a cousin who does the same shit! The only difference is that she is living in MY HOUSE because everyone else she has lived with has kicked her ass out of their house for various reasons. I felt bad for her because she had nowhere else to go, so I said she could stay with me until she got a job and a car. Things were great the first few weeks, and then things started going downhill fast. I knew she had issues, but I didn’t know it was that bad. She is a very timid person by nature and very sweet (until I leave the room). She talks so much shit about me behind my back. I always tell her “if you ever need anything or if you ever have a problem with anything then you can tell me and we can try to fix it.” I could tell something was up about a week ago when she started spending the majority of her time outside on the balcony smoking and talking to a bunch of people on the phone. She can talk to whoever she wants cuz I ain’t her mother, but I am so fed up with her. She has got to go………NOW, NOW, NOW. Get the fuck out of my house bitch! I sometimes ask her if she is alright when she seems sad or something, and I always ask her if she is still ok living with me because I know how hard it is living in someone elses house. She replies “of course..I absolutely love living with you erin. I love you cousin, we have so much fun together cuz you’re not stuck up or mean to me like everyone else.” Then I find all kinds of text messages to a bunch of people on her phone telling them how she hates it at my house and she hates babysitting for me cuz all she wants to do is party. I don’t ask her to pay rent or anything!!! So I don’t know what the fuck she is bitching about. I don’t tell her what to do. I’m not her boss. I thought we were so close, but I guess I was wrong. Now I see why nobody wants her living with them. She’s so much drama and I don’t want her bullshit around me or my kids. If she has something to say then say it to my face you two faced bitch!! I’m packing her bags for her as we speak. Don’t talk shit about me because I always find out, and when I find out, the shit will hit the fan.

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