I Got Duped By WordPress But I Was Stupid Enough So I Deserve It

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Angry At My Fucking Self
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Okay…I’ll admit it. I’m a greedy bastard who wants to make money from blogging. I have a natural talent in writing and a very active brain, plus the fact that I’m extremely lazy and it starts making sense why. So, an hour ago, there I was, just really angry and made this blog. Then, after going around WordPress a bit, I discovered that I can actually get my own domain here plus privacy for $25 a year. Hell it was cheap so got changed to my biking attire and biked as fast as I could to the closest store to get a greendot. Why a greendot you say? Well it’s just because I’m fucking poor and I can’t qualify for a credit card. Even if I did, I don’t wanna pay for the extra charges that come with it. If you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a real cheapskate.

Anyways so there, I got to the cashier, grabbed a greendot card, looked through my wallet for all the cash it has and amassed $44. The greendot card was worth $4.95 so I figured I could place $39 into it. Long story short, I thought I made a mistake for getting a real webhost for my primary blog  that cost me about a hundred bucks when I could just make an account here at wordpress for $25 a year.

Never mind. I’ll just transfer my primary site over here as soon as my contract ends I thought.

So, I found this matching theme  and installed it but then I realized there was no sidebars. Fuck. I guess i’ll have to make do with a donate button somewhere at the bottom. So, I copy-pasted the code I always use on my primary blog but after a few tries, it doesn’t seem to work. And then it hit me:


The greedy me got the best of me. How am I supposed to make money this way?! I went all the way to buying it without even reading the terms and conditions from WordPress! Stupid me. I deserve to be angry at me.


So, for everyone out there who wants to make their own blog, at least do yourselves a favor and read thoroughly through the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you are getting.

Yeah, laugh at me then fuck off. On second thought, don’t fuck off, fucking subscribe instead.

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